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Mediation Could Be The Right Way To Resolve Your Divorce

Many people considering divorce expect that hiring attorneys and fighting everything in court is the only way to resolve things. That is not the only path forward. Instead of having to go to numerous court hearings that are expensive and take up your time, hoping that the judge sees things your way in the end, you and your spouse can take more control of your legal issues while saving time, money and energy.

At Lyne Ranson Law Offices, PLLC, our founding lawyer has more than 40 years of legal experience helping clients throughout the Charleston area with their family law needs. She offers mediation services to help people explore all possible methods of resolving their divorce or custody cases. Attorney Lyne Ranson is an experienced and certified family law mediator who can guide you and your spouse to a more peaceful resolution. She has helped hundreds of families.

What Is Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is where you and your spouse or other parent of your child meet with an impartial and neutral person who is experienced in family law matters and helps you resolve your differences. The mediator does not represent either you or your spouse but listens and assists you both in finding an agreement. Examples include when you can’t agree on the best parenting schedule for your child or you haven’t been able to decide on how to divide assets or debts. Many times, the two of you can’t agree until you have the help of a neutral third party mediator like Lyne Ranson.

How Mediation Can Help You

Our attorney has ample experience offering mediation services to couples. She encourages clients to consider this option as it can benefit both parties by giving them both a say in how their divorce is decided.

Lyne Ranson can help you and your spouse work together to compromise on issues such as parenting plans, custody agreements, asset division, and child and spousal support. Instead of hoping that a judge who cannot possibly be aware of your unique situation happens to recognize your needs, our lawyer can help you and your spouse find an outcome that benefits everyone.

She also makes mediation a favorable option by keeping its scheduling flexible. She can help make things work on your time by meeting in person or online via Zoom.

Take Control Of Your Family Law Needs

If you are facing divorce, you do not have to let someone else have the final say in your family’s future. Instead of pursuing a longer and more expensive option, contact Lyne Ranson, a West Virginia attorney with experience in mediation, to help you learn more about how you can shape the outcome of your divorce. Call us at 304-932-0591 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today.