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In the dissolution of a marriage, your property will be divided consistent with “equitable distribution” in accordance with West Virginia law. Premarital property, gifts, inheritances and other assets may not qualify as a “marital asset” to be divided at the time of dissolution.

If you are seeking to protect property excluded from division, our attorneys at Lyne Ranson Law Offices, PLLC, can help you protect your assets.

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Certain property does not qualify as a marital asset to be divided in a divorce, including:

  • Gifts: Gifts to you that are kept separate from the marital estate may be protected from equitable distribution.
  • Property owned prior to marriage: Property owned prior to the marriage may be protected, at least in part, if you have not taken some action to make it marital, such as commingling it with marital property, or jointly titling it in the name of your spouse.
  • Inheritance: If you inherited property, you may be able to keep it separate from distribution, so long as it was not mingled with other marital assets or jointly titled with your spouse
  • Property acquired after the date of separation: If you acquired property after you were officially separated, you can seek to establish this property as non-marital and protect it from distribution.
  • Property protected by a prenuptial agreement: Any property protected by a properly drafted premarital agreement may not be subject to equitable distribution.

To protect your separate property from marital assets, you need an experienced attorney who knows how to help you classify your assets to ensure that they are protected from division.

At our Charleston, West Virginia, firm, our lawyers have handled a number of highly sophisticated and complex cases involving separate property. We are experienced in helping clients protect their financial interests as well as separate property that should not be divided in a divorce.

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