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West Virginia Divorce Attorneys Skilled At Division Of Property

At the time of divorce, one of the most contentious and life-altering actions is the division of property. Whether you are concerned about selling the family home, dividing a business or determining how your savings or retirement accounts will be divided, you are involved in a complex legal matter that requires skilled legal representation.

At Lyne Ranson Law Offices, PLLC, our attorneys are experienced in handling the most sophisticated and complex property divisions. Contact our West Virginia divorce lawyers at 304-932-0591 or toll free at 304-932-0591 for questions regarding division of property.

Handling Complex Property Division Issues

If you are facing a divorce, an attorney experienced in complex property division can provide the knowledge and insight necessary to protect your rights and your finances into the future.

At our firm, we handle the following complex property division issues:

West Virginia Equitable Distribution Of Marital Property Lawyers

West Virginia is an equitable distribution state, meaning that your marital property is generally divided equally between both parties in a divorce. In some cases, it may be appropriate to do an unequal distribution, like where one spouse has wasted marital assets.

Non-marital or separate property assets are not divided with your spouse. We will help you protect those separate, non-marital assets, including gifts, inheritance or property accumulated before your marriage or after your date of separation. We can assist you in protecting inheritances, gifts or other separate property, and ensure that you are compensated equally for all marital property acquired during the marriage.

We are experienced in working with experts in property division, including forensic accountants to recover hidden or improperly withdrawn funds.

Experienced In Asset Recovery

If you believe that your spouse has absconded with a portion of your assets, we are experienced in asset recovery and can assist you in the collection of what you are owed.

Our attorneys will help you protect your family home, ensure that a proper business valuation occurs, and protect your fair share of retirement accounts and savings.

Our senior attorney, Lyne Ranson, is a former white collar crime prosecutor from the U.S. attorney’s office and is experienced in piecing together financial losses and fraud in marital asset division.

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