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Preserving Your Assets During A West Virginia Divorce

When spouses who are going through a divorce have significant assets, their issues can become even more difficult to manage. If you are divorcing and you and your spouse have substantial assets, it is necessary to seek counsel from an experienced attorney.

At Lyne Ranson Law Offices, PLLC, our high-asset divorce lawyers will protect what is important to you. Our founding attorney, Lyne Ranson, has more than 41 years of experience practicing marital law. She and our team are dedicated to resolving complex high-asset divorce matters for clients throughout West Virginia.

The Experience You Need For Every High-Asset Divorce Issue

Our West Virginia divorce attorneys will ensure that your rights are protected in a West Virginia high-asset divorce case involving:

  • The division of a business: Whether you divide a business, turn over ownership or dissolve a family business, our divorce lawyers are highly experienced in the division of business assets.
  • Prenuptial agreements: If you and your spouse signed a prenup, our attorneys will ensure that it is interpreted accurately and honors your rights.
  • Alimony: Our team will analyze the factors considered by a court in awarding or denying spousal support, including the standard of living during your marriage, the length of your marriage, the need of the spouse requesting support and the ability of the other spouse to pay.
  • Hidden assets: Our property division attorneys work with experts, including forensic accountants, to recover hidden or improperly withdrawn funds.
  • Marital asset recovery: If you have concerns that your spouse absconded or squandered a portion of your assets, including retirement accounts, pensions, 401(k)s and stocks, our lawyers are experienced in asset recovery and can assist you in the collection of what your spouse owes you.

When you are looking for divorce counsel, there is simply no substitute for experience. In a high-asset divorce, there is too much to lose to trust a team that does not have the level of experience that ours does. When you work with attorney Ranson and our divorce lawyers, you will have the assurance that your divorce will go as smoothly as possible.

Making Sure You Get Your Fair Share Of Marital Assets – Even Hidden Ones

In West Virginia, the law requires equitable division of marital property. Each spouse discloses their property and its value. Then, the property is classified as marital or nonmarital assets. Marital assets are those that are usually acquired during the marriage, with the exception of gifts, inheritances and anything protected by a prenuptial agreement. Usually, any property owned before the marriage and not jointly titled is considered separate or nonmarital.

In complex asset cases, our attorneys will help you protect nonmarital assets such as gifts, real estate, inheritance or property accumulated after the date of separation. If you believe that your spouse is hiding or dissipating assets, attorney Ranson is a former white collar crime prosecutor for the U.S. attorney’s office. She has rare experience in piecing together financial losses and fraud in marital asset division.

Time-Saving Approaches Through Mediation And Collaborative Divorce

If you have a large marital estate, then you may want to consider alternatives to litigation. Mediation or collaborative law can resolve divorce cases as well. They may save time compared to traditional litigation. Attorney Ranson is a certified family law mediator and has experience in representing clients in mediation and collaborative law divorces. Our divorce mediation lawyers can confidently advise you and assist you through the process of divorce in addition to proposing alternative means for dispute resolution that will protect the best interests of your family.

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