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3 mistakes people may make if they try to manage a divorce alone

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2024 | Divorce

Divorce has a reputation for being both a stressful and very expensive process. Some people try to avoid the financial setbacks possible during divorce by handling the process on their own behalf. People file their own documents and try to directly negotiate with their spouses.

Frequently, divorcing spouses view this approach as cost-effective and efficient when in reality the opposite is actually true. Those who attempt to manage the divorce process without the assistance of a professional often put themselves at a major disadvantage and may create a scenario in which their divorce becomes more complex and contentious than it might otherwise need to be.

Spouses may make mistakes with paperwork and procedures

Every step of the divorce process requires specialized paperwork. People have to file petitions for divorce with the family courts and must also submit appropriate documentation for each stage in the process. Someone attempting to handle paperwork on their own may make preventable mistakes that significantly delay the divorce process or ultimately put them at a disadvantage when they negotiate with their spouses. Those who have attorneys can learn all about the divorce process and can rely on a professional to handle their paperwork.

Spouses are vulnerable to misconduct without advocacy

People preparing for divorce often engage in outright inappropriate and manipulative behavior. Spouses may try to trick someone who doesn’t have a lawyer assisting them. For example, divorcing spouses have the right of discovery. They should be able to access financial records from during the marriage as part of the property division negotiation process. Someone who’s not aware of their rights or who doesn’t properly review discovery materials could agree to a property division settlement that is patently unfair. Those who have a lawyer representing them have assistance when reviewing key information and if they need to counter an unfavorable offer.

Spouses may lose sight of the big picture

Emotions run high during divorce, and people can sometimes make decisions that do them a disservice in the long run. They may focus so much on fighting over minor issues that they end up spending more on their divorce or increasing the level of dispute to an unsustainable point. A lawyer can help someone set achievable goals and keep their strategy focused on their long-term comfort.

Consulting with family law attorneys can help people more effectively prepare for the reality of modern divorce proceedings. Proper representation can increase someone’s chances of a favorable outcome and can allow them to focus on their day-to-day life rather than trying to juggle complex legal procedures and strategies.