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Seeking child custody

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2023 | Child Custody

Some parents might work together to reach a workable child custody agreement, but others may make the process contentious. One parent petitioning for sole custody or lodging disagreements with proposed joint custody arrangements could negatively impact all parties. Anyone heading into a West Virginia family law court might need to provide substantial evidence to win a child custody battle.

Arguing for child custody

Ultimately, the court reviews what is in the child’s best interests when making a custody decision. Parents would need to provide proof that they can serve the child’s interests well. When requesting sole custody, the process could become much more challenging since the parent asking for sole custody has a high legal bar to climb. So, joint custody arrangements might be preferable, depending on the circumstances.

Those hoping for a favorable decision must present compelling evidence that they would be the right choice to be the custodial parent. Expect the court to review the child’s living arrangements to ensure that they are safe. The court may review other elements associated with the living arrangements, such as how close the child would be to their school, friends, afterschool activities and more.

Additional factors in child custody decisions

Financial support is necessary for raising a child. Receipts that reveal which parent covers food, healthcare, and other expenses might show who is better suited to caring for the child. Of course, money is not the only thing that establishes the relationship between parent and child. Evidence that shows a positive, loving relationship could help with a child custody petition.

Presentation and professionalism may count. While emotions might run high, any unprofessional behavior in court could work against someone hoping to win custody.