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How to regain custody of your child

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2022 | Child Custody

Losing custody of a child is a heartbreaking situation. West Virginia parents going through this might feel scared and discouraged. However, there are steps they can take to show the court their commitment to their children and regain their rights.

Reflect on the situation

Though it might be hard to face, reflecting on the reason you lost custody is the first step in trying to regain it. There might be valid reasons why the court decided it was not in their best interests for you to have custody. Try to understand the reason why you lost custody so that you can take appropriate steps to show the court you are making real changes and progress.

Prepare for your case

Regaining custody is a delicate legal process. You should begin meeting the conditions set by the court, such as parenting classes, substance abuse therapy or finding a way to work with your child’s other parent. Additionally, you will need to prepare your home environment to show that it will be a supportive, loving, stable home for your child. Once this is all in place, you can then request the court to conduct an in-home evaluation.

Show your commitment

Regaining custody might take time, so you will need to show your commitment throughout. Some of the things you can do to show this include:

  • Following all court orders
  • Avoiding conflicts with your child’s other parent
  • Showing patience and understanding when faced with the many challenges the process includes
  • Considering what other custody arrangements might be best for your child and negotiating with their other parent

It is possible to regain custody of your child. However, be prepared for a long process where you will need to show composure, resilience and commitment.