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Important questions to ask yourself when considering divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2022 | Divorce

Your instincts have told you that your marriage has not been working. For months, you have tried to hold on, telling yourself that things may change. But deep down, you know that is highly unlikely.

You had always thought that once married, you stayed married to that same person for the rest of your life. But now that you are heading in the direction of divorce, you have many concerns to address and many questions that need answering.

Happiness, the children and finances

Divorce initially can make you lose confidence. Before you pursue divorce, carefully ponder these questions and honestly answer them:

  • Is happiness within my reach?: Understand that it may take some work to achieve happiness once again in your life. Your marriage held you back from doing many of the things you liked and kept you away from certain people. Rediscovering new and old interests along with new and old friendships may help you regain that smile.
  • How will the children take this news?: This question proves troubling as you have concerns as to how your kids will react and whether they may adapt. Expect a list of emotions to bubble up. Anger, sadness, confusion and doubt may be among them. Be straightforward with your children and assure them that you and their other parent love them and will remain in their lives.
  • How will I be able to deal with financial challenges?: Your two-income home has now become a one-income home. Costs will be greater. With some financial sacrifices, belt-tightening and determination, you may tackle these challenges and overcome them.
  • Can I fulfill the tasks that were once the responsibilities of my spouse?: Perhaps the two of you had divided up certain duties. Now, you find that you must do them all from paying bills, making major purchases, preparing your children’s favorite foods and transporting them to and from after-school activities.

This situation represents another time to look into your head and heart before following through with an important life decision.

Steer you in a new direction

When considering a divorce, the time to address important questions is now. Carefully consider these questions before making your decision. There really are no wrong answers, but your answers may lead you in a new direction in life.