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5 tips to help you reduce stress in your divorce

On Behalf of | May 19, 2021 | Divorce

Even if you and your spouse are both excited to embark on your independent futures after a divorce, the process might still represent a stressful time. Whether emotional or financial, the divorce process can lead to a certain level of turmoil in even the most collaborative relationships. It is wise to take the time necessary to protect your mental health and the health of those around you.

While every relationship is different and each individual is unique, Psychology Today recommends neutralizing negative forces and working to enhance your positivity throughout the divorce process. Here are some tips you can follow to reduce your stress:

  • Expect to negotiate a bit: From dividing physical assets, digital assets and debt responsibility to determining the best possible parenting plan schedule, every divorce will require some level of negotiation between the parties. Entering the process with an accurate expectation of reality can help reduce stress.
  • Stay off social media: While countless individuals rely on social media outlets to share feelings and keep the world updated regarding their events in their lives, the divorce process might not be the time to do this. It is wise to keep conversations private and not air any “dirty laundry” in a public setting.
  • Focus on positivity: This is to say that you should not let the divorce process overwhelm you. It is important to continue to live your life by confronting negative emotions and allowing yourself to be happy. Watch a comedy movie, play games with your children, go to a spa – it is imperative that you do not deny moments of joy in your life.
  • Plan for the future: Not necessarily the administrative things like financial to-do lists for post-divorce finances, but you should be excited about your upcoming independence. Were you holding off on a new hairstyle? Is it time to redecorate the guest room? Are your friends hounding you about taking a daytrip to a fun location? You can lose yourself in positivity by developing a fun checklist for after your divorce.
  • Physical activity: This might not necessarily mean running a marathon – but it can. It can be helpful to be active during times of stress. From going bowling with friends to an impromptu soccer match with your children in the backyard, it is important to release physical stress through activity.

Everyone will have different tried-and-true methods of stress reduction. It is wise to follow your own personal methods to ensure your divorce process does not become an overwhelming and frustrating experience.