COVID-19 NOTIFICATION: To protect your safety in response to the threat of COVID-19, our staff is tele-commuting, but is still available to serve you during our normal office hours. We are offering our clients and potential clients the option to connect with us through telephone, email and video-conferencing. Please call or email us to discuss your options.

COVID-19 NOTIFICATION: To protect your safety in response to the threat of COVID-19, our staff is tele-commuting, but is still available to serve you during our normal office hours. We are offering our clients and potential clients the option to connect with us through telephone, email and video-conferencing. Please call or email us to discuss your options.

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Easy Divorce WV
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West Virginia’s Premiere Divorce Assistance Law Firm – EASY Divorce WV

Divorce is not easy. We make the process EASIER for you!

No awkward meetings. No frustration completing complicated legal forms and guessing at right answers. No big attorney fees to pay.

We are not just a faceless website with forms. We are West Virginia lawyers who practice family law every day across the state of West Virginia. Lyne Ranson Law Office PLLC is a well-known, established and very respected law firm in West Virginia offering family law legal experience through our custom online platform. This allows anyone in West Virginia who wants access to high quality and premium divorce assistance to have it at their fingertips.

Our West Virginia attorneys and legal team will reduce your stress by filling out your initial paperwork, providing necessary guidance, and preparing you to file for divorce when you are ready.

We are the ONLY online divorce assistance law firm that provides final divorce document review by licensed West Virginia attorneys. Our packages do not include representation or going to court with you.

Whether it is a simple divorce without many assets or one involving children, substantial assets, or alimony, we can help make the West Virginia divorce process EASY. This will save you time, money, stress, and can assist in starting your new life.

You can do this. We can help make the process Easy!

Let’s Get Started

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Who We Are – EASY Divorce WV

With nearly 60 combined years of West Virginia legal experience and courtroom success, Lyne Ranson Law Office, PLLC has established itself as a leader in family law legal representation. Now more than ever we understand the need for a virtual online option and want to offer a solution. Our team determined the best way for us to meet the needs of all West Virginians was to bring our vast experience online. We offer first rate quality divorce guidance, specifically tailored for West Virginians by West Virginians.

We are a close-knit team of attorneys and paralegals who work together to meet your specific needs. If you are looking for quality divorce assistance and direction that fits your budget and goals, we are here to help and make it EASY when you are ready!

How We Help

The divorce process in West Virginia, no matter the situation, requires certain documents to be prepared including a divorce petition (or an answer if your spouse has already filed for divorce), financial statement with substantial information, and a detailed parenting plan if there are minor children. These forms are lengthy, overwhelming, and intimidating. If filled out incorrectly, a simple mistake may cost you property, money, or custody. We make sure it’s right and help make the process EASIER!

An experienced attorney will review every document before it is returned to you to file. We can also assist you with all aspects of the divorce process, like alimony, determining parenting time, initial child support, or drafting a settlement agreement and Final Order. Once your divorce packet is reviewed and completed it will be emailed or mailed to you. Then, you simply take the packet to your county’s Circuit Clerk’s office and file when you are ready. There is a filing fee you must pay to the Circuit Clerk’s Office in the county where you intend to file. Our services will provide you with all the information you need to know about filing your documents with the appropriate Circuit Clerk’s Office.

The county you file for divorce in is usually the West Virginia county you and your spouse reside or last resided in together. If your spouse resides in another state, then the divorce can be filed in the county where you live. If you and your spouse did not get married in West Virginia, then one of the you has to have resided in West Virginia for a year. If you did marry in West Virginia, then it is necessary you be a state resident, but you do not have to have lived in the state for a year.

Tailored Packages best for YOU!

Every situation is unique. What happens to your house? Perhaps you still want to share the dog or season tickets. Maybe you both want to work together to get this over as quickly as possible. Or, perhaps you are stuck, don’t know what to do and need fast, experienced assistance to begin moving forward. Whatever your situation is, we can help and make it easier.

Our packages listed here do not include attorney representation or court appearances, but if at any point in the process you decide you want an attorney to represent you, contact our office to discuss options available to you. See below specifically for the three types of packages we offer.

Shaking Hands
Shaking Hands

Basic – Let’s get along!

Basic is best when there are no children, no businesses to divide, and both spouses agree on who gets what property and takes debts and neither party is requesting alimony.

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Mom and Child
Child Support Paper

Gold is designed when the parties have child(ren) and/or one party may be asking for alimony, but the other spouse has not necessarily agreed to pay it. A rough child support calculation is run based on you and your spouse’s income known at the time. This package provides the documentation to file to start your case and take to court with or without an agreement with your spouse. It is not necessary that your spouse agree with what you request to occur during the divorce for this package.

Platinum is ideal when the parties have agreed to a final division of their assets and debts, a parenting schedule for your children, and possibly alimony for some period of time. However, alimony is not necessarily required in this package. It is you and your spouse’s choice. The main difference when you choose the platinum package is you receive a written legal settlement agreement prepared based on how you and your spouse want property to be divided, custody and parenting time scheduled and any other specific legal agreements you may have. This legal settlement agreement if signed by both parties and notarized can be submitted to the court as a final settlement and divorce order with no arguing in court and reducing conflict with your spouse for the future.


Service Basic
Prepare divorce Petition x x x
Prepare Civil Case info Sheet necessary to file. x x x
Prepare Financial statement necessary to file. x x x
Children – Prepare parenting plan   x x
Children – Caretaking functions worksheet   x x
Children – Initial child support estimate   x x
Alimony – monthly expense sheet   x x
Alimony – alimony factors consideration worksheet     x
Settlement Agreement to be inserted in Final Order     x
Debt Asset Sheet to show total values each person receives.     x
Agreed Final Order     x
Virtual Consultation with attorney after documents finalized.     x

It’s as Easy as 1,2,3

  1. Step 1: Pick the package that is right for you above.
  2. Step 2: Submit your credit card payment through Law Pay.
  3. Step 3: Receive a link to your Program Package, Submit your Information and Follow the Instructions we Send you.

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Easy Divorce WV

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