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Legal Separation

Charleston Legal Separation Attorney

Couples consider legal separation for a variety of reasons. Some may see separation as an "easier" case as compared to a divorce, but the reality is that a legal separation addresses nearly all the same issues as a divorce. A legal separation, however, may be the best option when additional time is necessary to plan for the future.

At Lyne Ranson Law Offices, PLLC, our attorneys give you the opportunity to protect what is important to you. Our Charleston divorce lawyers are dedicated to resolving family legal matters for clients throughout West Virginia.

Our attorneys and staff are caring and compassionate, and aggressively protect the rights of every client. It is our primary objective to resolve your case efficiently while protecting your interests.

Charleston Separation Maintenance Lawyer

In many respects, a legal separation is almost identical to a divorce case. Issues considered in a separation case can include:

The main difference in a legal separation case is that the couple's legal marriage remains intact, even though the parties are living separate and apart. Legally separated spouses can easily end their period of separation if they later decide to obtain a divorce or reconcile.

There are many reasons that couples have for seeking a legal separation rather than a divorce, including:

  • Maintaining health insurance for an ill spouse (this may not be an option for all health care plans or coverage)
  • Create a cooling-off period while a couple discusses reconciliation
  • Religious purposes (can also consider the possibility of an annulment)

If you are considering a legal separation in West Virginia, we are happy to talk with you about your unique situation. After a review of your situation we can review the benefits and consequences for your family.

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